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  About Us

Since 1985, Automated Administration Services Inc. has been providing exceptional Group Benefits Administration services to clients.
Now these services are available for the Agent or Broker to incorporate into your exisitng Group Benefit Plans.

We offer the Agent/Broker access to exceptional group administration services,specialty insurers and products with a vested contract.
Our services enhance your position in the Benefits arena, thus allowing you to grow your business.
Some of our more most used services include:

    Services include but are not limited to,
  • Consolidate multiple insurers on one billing.
  • Customized product billing.
  • ASO Plan adminsitration and claims payment
  • Fully funded group product adminstration.
  • Group Health Spending Account adminsitation.
  • Proprietary Group Insurance products.
  • Employee record keeping......
Contact us today for your Agency code and to obtain a licensed copy of our Desktop quote submission application.
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