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Our People

  Our People

There's another way to look at group benefits. Consider the benefits of our group working for yours. With Automated Administration Services Inc. (AAS), it really is a group approach. When you hire us, you're putting our group to work for you, and you're well on your way to getting more benefit out of your benefits.

Although it is the insurers who provide their benefits, every one of our clients inevitably discovers that the most enduring partnership in the benefits process is not with the various carriers but with AAS. That's because our service commitment and loyalty is unrelentingly focused on the needs of the plan sponsor.

To ensure continuity of service, AAS assigns a senior administrator to lead the management of your group benefits administration. We take the same approach in selecting the key administrative and technical staff who play supporting roles. All our administrators and claims specialists have extensive experience within the benefits industry.

When clients call AAS, they speak to seasoned benefit administrators, typically the same person who handles all the issues related to their benefits. With access to an online state of the art client management system, our specialists can call up the history on a group's service issues and requirements and provide accurate and timely responses.